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Park Veterinary Centre

Urgent Care

Here at Park Veterinary Centre, we understand accidents and incidents occur and when they do, we are here to assist the best we can.

If your pet needs to come into urgent care, please be prepared to share all visible symptoms with our veterinary staff including:

✅ Abscesses 

✅ Skin condition

✅ Sore ear or eye

✅ Lameness

✅ Minor wounds or lacerations 

✅ Chronic disease

✅ Mild coughing 

✅ Anorexia 

✅ Moderate pain

✅ Sneezing, runny nose or eyes

✅ Euthanasia 

Please note, we do not see emergencies. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms and has a true emergency, please visit an emergency veterinary hospital.

🚫 Difficulty breathing

🚫 Hit by a car or other trauma

🚫Fall from the roof or higher

🚫Inability to defecate/straining to urinate

🚫Severe vomiting or diarrhea that will not stop 

🚫Distended or bloated abdomen


🚫Severe Animal attack/bite 

🚫Serious eye injury